Gambling is a form of entertainment that is frequently used as a social event, sometimes even to aid in fundraising.

The term Responsible Gaming refers to individuals gambling for pleasure and entertainment, whilst being aware of the likelihood of losing and understanding the associated risks. Such risks may include letting gambling supersede important and serious matters, such as family, work and friends.

A responsible gambler stays in control of how much time and money are spent on playing. Losing control of the time and money spent on playing, may lead to addictive behaviour that may develop into Compulsive Gambling.

Winning, even in small amounts, gives a player the pleasure and excitement to get involved. Problems with gambling arise when people let these activities to negatively affect their lives and the people around them. Consequently, from a social activity and a source of entertainment, it devolves into a serious gambling problem.


i. Promoting Responsible Gaming initiatives amongst our agents and players.

ii. Educating and informing players about the harmful impacts of problem gambling.

iii. Distributing relevant informative leaflets in all Points of Sale for the perusal of the customers.

iv. Emphasising on problem gambling issues by implementing services and risk management strategies by means of different media, including Press Releases, Press Articles, Public Relations and advertising.

v. Training, guiding and informing the agents on how to deal with gambling problems and NOT TO SELL ON CREDIT.

vi. Providing customer service and programs designed to encourage healthy choices and responsible gaming.

vii. Offering games which pose a lower risk of inducing excessive gambling.



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