Maltco Lotteries supports “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign

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Maltco Lotteries has endorsed Green MT’s “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign. The environmental initiative is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction taking place across the EU Member States between 18th and 26th November 2017. The initiative aims to collect milk and juice cartons of any brand or size and divert them from landfilling.

The campaign aims to raise funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. Maltco Lotteries are Packaging Waste producer members of Green MT and as such a tandem was established in order to ascertain more public awareness of this campaign through visually screened adverts on the TVs of all Maltco’s retail outlets.

Green MT’s Chairman, Mr Paul Abela thanked Maltco Lotteries for providing the exposure which such a campaign needs to increase public outreach. In addition he stressed that Maltco Lotteries have shown through the years that they carry a Corporate Social Responsibility towards the public at large and supporting such environmental initiatives is without fail an added asset to the company. Mr Abela continued to state that the campaign is another in a series of campaigns that both Green MT and WEEE Malta, both GRTU subsidiaries, launch from time to time on behalf of their producer members who directly finance both Schemes. The public awareness campaigns are also part of the Scheme’s permits.

The public in general is encouraged to dispose of recycling Tetra cartons of Milk and Juices, at all the locations listed on the Green MT Limited Facebook Page.  All empty Tetra cartons collected at these named locations during the campaign, which runs up till the 26th December, will be exchanged for a monetary donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund. After the campaign, these should be disposed of in the recycling bags.

Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, Maltco Lotteries CEO outlined that Maltco Lotteries are already working hand in hand with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for this year’s President’s Fun Run and is now also supporting this environmental initiative by Green MT, stressing the importance of environmental awareness.

The campaign was launched on Monday 30th October by HE The President of Malta at San Anton Palace and is endorsed by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. A large number of Local Councils, Schools and catering establishments are already on board with the Scheme already reaching collections of 150 large grey or green bags filled with milk and carton juices daily.


Further information can be obtained by phoning Green MT on free phone 80074444, or on their Facebook Page; Green MT Limited.

The 9th Presidents Fun Run 2017: Make your donation and get your commemorative T-Shirt from any Maltco Lotteries Point of Sale

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Maltco Lotteries are once again supporting Malta’s biggest fun run; the President’s Solidarity Fun Run 2017.  Maltco Lotteries retail outlets are providing the application forms and commemorative t-shirts as well as collecting donations in their Points of Sale.

The President’s Solidarity Fun Run is a national activity that not only brings joy but is also healthy exercise that ultimately provides assistance to hundreds of Maltese and Gozitan families in need – through participant donations that go to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Maltco Lotteries is strongly involved in the local community through its CSR programmes and is a sponsor of sports events such as the European Week of Sports where the world indoor record was broken this year by 20-year old Juan Farrugia, as well as the President’s Solidarity Fun Run. In 2016 Maltco collected thousands of Euros from its store network which were forwarded to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Maltco’s Corporate Communications and PR Manager; Gertrude Borg Marks said: “We are delighted to get behind this initiative and provide full support by accepting applications across our national retail network in the build-up to the event. Solidarity runs high during the Fun Run, which year-after-year shows an increase in participation, enthusiasm and generosity in raising funds. As a company we also encourage our staff to participate in the Fun Run and to give their donation and run or walk together in another event that brings us together with the community.”

Organised by SportMalta, the 9th edition of the fun run on Sunday November 19 leaves from four major points: The Run departs from Saqqajja Hill, Rabat for 11.3 kilometres, while the walks will commence at Paola Square, University of Malta and Santa Venera. All the routes will congregate at Portes des Bombes, Floriana with participants proceeding to St George’s Square, Valletta for the big finale of the Fun Run.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltese 20 year old breaks New World Record in Rowing Concept 2,500meters on slides, during the Maltco Lotteries Indoor Rowing Challenge 2017.

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20 year old Juan Farrugia from Valletta, broke a new world record in Rowing Concept 2,500meters on slides, age group 20-29. Juan Farrugia was participating in the Maltco Indoor Rowing Challenge held last Saturday at Valletta.  This challenge, which has been held for the third consecutive year, was part of the European Week of Sports organised by SportMalta and Maltco Lotteries.

The dedicated rower broke the previous world record of 1.19.6, with him finishing the race in 1.18.4 – a national achievement. The Valletta lad has already won the 2016 National Championship and the 500m British Championship and he also participated in the World Games in Poland.

Present for this world record breaking event were Dr. Chris Bonnett o.b.o. Hon Clifton Grima; Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Sports and Voluntary Organisations, Mr Vasilleios Kasiotakis; CEO Maltco Lotteries and David A Gatt; Maltco Lotteries Director and his coach Mr Ken Lake who all congratulated Mr Farruiga on his abilities and achievement and augured him further success in his future.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries “Scratchers” supported Ivan Grech’s Solo Concert in aid of ALS Malta.

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Friday, August 11, 2017, Malta – Maltco Lotteries sponsored with their “Scratchers” brand Ivan Grech’s solo concert at Ta’ Liesse, Valletta to help raise more money for ALS Malta. The Maltco Lotteries-backed concert had the packed audience singing and dancing all night and raised €20,088.38 for this most deserving of causes.

Ivan Grech gave a two-hour show, performing some of his Winter Moods hits and also cover versions of some his favourite songs through the years. The audience of around 2,000 people danced and sang through Tainted Love, Dancing In The Dark, Always On My Mind and many more songs, and Winter Moods’ own hits, such as My Neverland, Hang On To Your Smile, Days Of My Life, Everlasting and Marigold.

“Scratchers” are pre-printed tickets with a scratchable covered area which, when scratched off, reveals a number of symbols. The winning combination of these symbols and the relevant winning amounts are defined in every different game, available from over 220 Maltco Lotteries retail outlets across the Maltese Islands.

A spokesperson for Maltco Lotteries said: “Through our “Scratchers” brand we have demonstrated our expanded commitment to corporate social responsibility through our support for Ivan’s fantastic concert on behalf of ALS Malta. Maltco Lotteries firmly believe in the generosity of the Maltese people, who always come together to support when there is need. A huge thank you goes to everyone who attended, supported and donated to ALS Malta through ‘Scratchers’.”

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries donates another €50,000 to the Responsible Gaming Foundation for Good Causes in Malta

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Maltco Lotteries has presented an additional €50,000 to the Maltese economy with a cheque to the Responsible Gaming Foundation that will be allocated to the Government’s National Lotteries Good Causes Fund. Maltco contributes to Malta’s economy through job creation and investment as well as to social well-being through an on-going programme of financial support for NGO’s, culture, health and sports.

Maltco’s mission is to provide a wide spectrum of entertaining games of chance and skill to players in Malta, within a transparent and accountable environment, based on Responsible Gaming Principles. Maltco has recently been re-certified by the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming framework and by the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards 2017.

Hon. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation at the Office of the Prime Minister thanked Maltco Lotteries for its generous contribution towards the Responsible Gaming Foundation. He said that with the recent survey about Consumption of Gaming Services in Malta, published by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Foundation was now in a better position to implement social programmes targeting those most vulnerable to gaming addiction. “We will support the Responsible Gaming Foundation to strengthen its social function and in the coming months, the Foundation would also be working to introduce self-barring forms for online gambling as well”, said Hon. Schembri.

Mr. Vasileios Kasiotakis, Maltco’s Chief Executive Officer said “we always put responsible gaming amongst our top priorities both when it comes to our daily operations and also when it comes to the protection of our players.” Mr. Kasiotakis thanked Maltco’s network of over 220 partners, who are given regular Responsible Gaming training and who abide by all the responsible gaming principles. This contribution allows the entire Maltco Lotteries family to reinforce good work in the wider community.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation was created with the main aim of seeking and managing funding from the gaming sectors, government, and other channels, to fund projects for research and development of preventive measures in education and to provide support and technologies that enhance and improve responsible gaming. Maltco Lotteries always supported these measures through several donations supporting the social programme implemented by the Foundation.

Also present at the Press Conference was Ms Yorana Penza Corporate Affairs Manager for Malta Gaming Authority and Mr Kayne Said on behalf of the Responsible Gaming Foundation.

Three Maltco Lotteries winnings remain unclaimed, amounting to €22,837.04 with time running out to claim them.

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Maltco Lotteries, have announced that a number of prizes, some won back in February, remain unclaimed. Maltco Lotteries are urging the ticket holders of these winnings to come forward with their original tickets as soon as possible in order to claim their prizes.

The most urgent of the unclaimed winnings are two Super 5 tickets drawn on February 22 and worth €6418.52 each, with the winning ticket holders having purchased their winning tickets from Msida and Mqabba respectively. The winning ticket holders are urged to come forward with their original tickets by April 24 to claim their prizes.

The Quick Keno winning ticket bought again from Msida relates to the March 2 draw and the winner must come forward with the original ticket by May 2 to claim their winnings.

Maltco Lotteries urges the winners to immediately visit the company’s head office, Iklin, as soon as possible to claim their prize before ticket expires, 60 days from the draw date.

Unclaimed winnings are transferred by Maltco Lotteries to the Good Causes Fund, which has the main scope of helping out various individuals, agencies or organisations that have a social, cultural, educational, sport, philanthropic or religious activity. The National Lotteries and Good Causes Fund Committee administers and operates the fund.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries supporting a unique educational programme with the University of Malta to increase awareness about Responsible Gaming through applied research.

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Maltco Lotteries has presented a cheque of €6,000 to the Responsible Gaming Foundation for a scholarship at the University of Malta on responsible gaming research being conducted at a local level. Maltco Lotteries has led the responsible gaming agenda on the Maltese Islands for the benefit of all stakeholders and is also certified by the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework and by the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards.

Maltco’s mission is to provide a wide spectrum of entertaining games of chance and skill to players in Malta, within a transparent and accountable environment, based on responsible gaming Principles. Recently the company trained over 500 agents in Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering and in “Service with a Smile” to reinforce the importance of a high-quality customer experience within retail outlets.

The aim of the Responsible Gaming Foundation, headed by Hon Silvio Schembri, is to create a wider awareness of the extent, possible causes and consequences of excessive gambling in Malta with specific focus on prevention and to provide support and advice to compulsive gamblers in their journey to recovery.

The scholarships which the Responsible Gaming Foundation will be funding through this sponsorship, will centre on research within the gaming industries and the development of the user, in order to enjoy gaming in a responsible manner and purely as a form of entertainment.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000 or visit

Maltco Lotteries trains new agents, assistants and employees on Maltco Games, Anti Money Laundering and Responsible Gaming.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017, Malta – Maltco Lotteries has undertaken another round of essential training for all the new Maltco agents, assistants and employees who have joined the company during the past months. The introductory training included information on all Maltco games, Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures and Responsible Gaming. This training follows hot-on-the-heels of having trained over 500 Maltco agents and assistants in the ‘Customer Service with a Smile’ programme to ensure engaging customer service at all times in Maltco Lotteries retail outlets. Maltco’s Reporting Officer on Money Laundering, Dr. Maria Barbara, conducted the training sessions followed by Corporate Communications & PR Manager Gertrude Borg Marks, who leads Maltco’s drive to ensure that everyone working with the Maltco portfolio of games is fully conversant with Responsible Gaming principles as advocated by the company. Stephan Magrin, Training Coach and Draw Security Supervisor, ensures that all personnel are able to support players in an appropriate way at retail.
In addition to the extensive training which Maltco provides to all agents and assistants, the potentially large amount of money involved in the national lottery and other Maltco branded games brings with it a significant responsibility, and Maltco has very tight controls over everything from possible money laundering to irresponsible gaming. Maltco is certified by the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards and by the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework, the highest standards attainable in the global gaming industry.
For further information email, visit the Maltco website to take the Self-Test on or call 2388 3000.

Malta Lotteries supporting the Malta Cybercrime Conference 2017

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Monday, March 27th, 2017, Malta – Maltco Lotteries, are supporting the Malta Cybercrime Conference 2017 taking place on March 28 at the Radisson Blu. The conference is being organised by the Malta Information Technology Law Association (MITLA) and the ISACA Malta Chapter.
The full day conference entitled ‘Cybercrime vs Cybersecurity – Trends, Threats and Truths’ will be attended by Maltco Lotteries Operations Director, Mr George Kakouras and Finance Director Mr. Lino Micallef Borg. Maltco Lotteries has one of the most sophisticated digital networks on the Maltese Islands and are constantly seeking best practice in information technology and protection.
ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. ISACA is the voice of the information systems audit, IT governance, risk management and cybersecurity professions. By offering industry-leading knowledge, standards, credentialing and education, ISACA enables over 140,000 professionals in 187 countries to apply technology in ways that instill confidence, address threats, drive innovation and create positive momentum for their organizations.
The aims of the conference are to present the current local and international cybercrime trends; emerging threats that strain the reach of the law; the risks posed to critical national infrastructures and resulting legislative response; the rise of identity theft and online fraud; big data, information security and cybercrime. Maltco Lotteries is proud to be able to support this important event that brings such world-class speakers in the field to the Maltese Islands.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000

Maltco Lotteries sponsors Malta Sports Journalists throughout 2017.

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Maltco Lotteries, has deepened their involvement further in local sport through a one year sponsorship with Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports, the Malta Sports Journalists, throughout 2017. Maltco Lotteries broadcast a number of sports through their U-BET platform and seek ways to add value to local sport at every level, consistent with Maltco Lotteries continuing involvement with local sport.

The Malta Sports Journalists serve Maltese sports fans across all national media including print, broadcast and online, as well as ensuring that the general public in Malta is kept abreast of developments in local sport. Malta Sports Journalists also have their own dedicated website and some of the generous support from Maltco Lotteries will be channeled towards the website to keep members of Malta Sports Journalists fully up-to-date with developments and events.

The agreement was signed by Charles Camenzuli, President of Malta Sports Journalists and Sandro Micallef, General Secretary and on behalf of Maltco Lotteries by CEO Vasilis Kasiotakis and Operations Director George T. Kakouras. Both organisations have been able to reach this landmark agreement based on several years of working closely together.

Maltco Lotteries has always believed and supported local sport. This is the 5th year that Maltco Lotteries have supported Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports, either via event support or in this broader role as one of the main sponsors.

For further information go to our Facebook page or visit Maltco website or call 2388 3000.