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Increased Opportunities for Students in the field of digital games; Maltco Lotteries and the Institute of Digital Games Partner to Support the Next Generation of Game Researchers and Designers in Malta

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During a Press Conference held on Wednesday, 18th, The Institute of Digital Games of the University of Malta and Maltco Lotteries presented the two projects which were completed and made possible due to a Maltco research sponsorship of €20,000, this to promote research and innovation in digital games which allowed researchers at the IDG to hire students or alumni to undertake a project in their area of expertise.

The two launched Projects, selected by the Director of the Institute of Digital Games, in consultation with the faculty; were “Something Something Soup Something” designed by Dr Stefano Gualeni with the support of two of the Institute’s Master students: Isabelle Kniestedt and Johnathan Harrington and “The New Born World”; a story-telling game developed as tablet application, designed by Dr Antonios Liapis with the support of one master’s student, Konstantinos Sfikas and one alumnus, Rebecca Portelli.

“Maltco’s funding allows our researchers and students to experiment in game design and explore the full capabilities of games from the adapting philosophical thought experiments to the virtual world to developing AI algorithms that can be used in games or even transferred to other areas such as civil planning and health. At the same time students get hands-on experience in a research project related to game development, something that is irreplaceable if they are looking to pursue a career in the industry,” Prof. Georgios N. Yannakakis, Director of the Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta praised Maltco’s initiative to support student research and experience.

“To work closely with the Institute of Digital Games of the University of Malta feels indeed like making a significant step towards gaming evolution. At INTRALOT we invest greatly on innovation and as we have a player-centric approach at everything we do, we treasure the insights that this collaboration has brought back. We are very much looking forward to new projects and to hopefully also facilitating opportunities for young professionals in the gaming industry” said Dr Panagiotis Koustenis, Games and Statistics Manager – INTRALOT.

“Over the past years, the Institute of Digital Games has grown in reputation and hence its importance within game research and education on an international level.  It is thanks to the hard-working and dedicated team at this Institute, that these innovative opportunities are offered to students; both local and foreigners, to undertake digital games as an investment in the future. As one of the leading companies in Malta, it is Maltco Lotteries’ honour to support the Institute of Digital Games.”  Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, Chief Executive Officer of Maltco Lotteries

The Institute of Digital Games was ranked among the top 25 post-graduate game design programs by the Princeton Review in 2017 and this type of funding allows the Institute to ensure they remain amongst the top programs worldwide.”

About the Institute of Digital Games

The Institute of Digital Games is the centre for research and education in game design, game analysis, and game technology at the University of Malta.

Our work is at the forefront of innovative games research. We explore games and play, uncovering new playful and generative possibilities in game design and technology. We delve into everything games can teach us about ourselves.

Our multidisciplinary academic team spans computer science, literature, game design, philosophy, media studies, and social sciences.

Since the foundation of the Institute in 2013, we have been involved in a number of EU (FP7, H2020) and National funded research projects totaling over 10m Euro of research funding. Collectively, we have published over 160 journals articles, conference papers, book chapters and books in these last 5 years.


Maltco Lotteries and Institute of Digital Games partner to support the next generation of game researchers and game designers in Malta

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Maltco Lotteries and the Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta will be presenting the outcomes of their two-year agreement made to increase the opportunities of students in the field of digital games in a press conference to be held the 18th April at 18h30 at the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta.

The completed projects will be presented by Prof. Georgios N. Yannakakis, Director of the Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta whilst the two upcoming projects falling under the agreement will also be announced. The projects were made possible due to a Maltco research grant of € 20,000 to promote research and innovation in digital games which allows researchers at the IDG to hire students or alumni to an undertake a project in their area of expertise. Projects are selected by the Director of the Institute of Digital Games, in consultation with the faculty, on the basis of proposals submitted by researchers. Each semester the most interesting proposals are implemented with the support of the Maltco research grant.

The first project to be completed entitled “Something Something Soup Something” was designed by Dr Stefano Gualeni with the support of two of the Institute’s Master students: Isabelle Kniestedt and Johnathan Harrington. The game was an innovative sortie into the possibilities of a “game as interactive thought experiment” addressing the unreliability and relativity of language and our methods of communication. The game is meant to demonstrate through the gameplay that despite our best efforts for precision in communication we are still faced with ultimately indefinite, shifting concepts. The project was well-received by the video game community even featuring on, one of the most prominent international gaming websites.

The second selected project “The New Born World” is a story-telling game developed as tablet application. The game will be one of the first examples of hybrid board game application to be used in conjunction with social game play and is designed by Dr Antonios Liapis with the support of one master’s student, Konstantinos Sfikas and one alumnus, Rebecca Portelli. The game also builds on the One Tablet Per Child initiative started by the Maltese government as it is a storytelling game encouraging both literacy and semantic creativity. Dr Liapis intends to further examine the experience of human and computer co-creation, his particular area of expertise, through the designed game.

During this press conference, another two new projects, one related to machine learning led by Prof. Yannakakis, and one related to immersion and story by Prof. Calleja, will also be announced.

Present for this event will be; Prof. Alfred Vella, the Rector for the University of Malta, Prof Georgios N. Yannakakis, Director Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta, Mr. Vasileios Kasiotakis, Chief Executive Officer – Maltco Lotteries Limited, Dr Panagiotis Koustenis, Games and Statistics Manager – INTRALOT, and also the creators of the two complete funded research Dr. Stefano Gualeni and Dr Antonios Liapis. Personnel from both the Institute of Digital Games and from Maltco Lotteries will also attend.


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INTRALOT (Maltco Lotteries’ mother Company) is proud to announce that it is one of the first companies in the gaming industry globally to be certified under the ISO 37001 standard for anti-bribery management systems. The certification was granted to INTRALOT Group CEO, Antonios Kerastaris, during an official ceremony held at the company’s premises in Athens on March 21 in the presence of the senior management of INTRALOT and TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), the independent certification body which conducted the assessment procedure. The certification covers INTRALOT S.A. as a whole, the Business Headquarters in Maroussi and the Technology Division and Products and Services in Peania.


While receiving the award Mr. Antonios Kerastaris, INTRALOT Group CEO, underlined the company’s commitment to the fight against corruption stating “INTRALOT Group has established a corporate culture of transparency, integrity and compliance across its operations worldwide. The certification we received today is a testimony of our dedication to business ethics and the careful selection of our business partners following due diligence. We will continue to focus on placing internationally recognized good-practices and anti-bribery controls to our everyday operations securing sustainable growth for the benefit of our stakeholders.”


Mr. Yiannis Economidis, Certification Manager of TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), has praised the high level of commitment of both top management and all of INTRALOT executives as well as the effective way of implementing the standard requirements to all operations of the company. Together with TUV HELLAS’s CEO, Mr. Savvas Peltekis, congratulated all members of the Compliance Team for the successful completion of INTRALOT’s certification process with the new ISO 37001: 2016.


ISO 37001, Anti-bribery management systems, specifies a series of measures to help organizations prevent, detect and address bribery. These include adopting an anti-bribery policy, appointing a person to oversee anti-bribery compliance, training, risk assessments and due diligence on projects and business associates, implementing financial and commercial controls, and instituting reporting and investigation procedures.


Maltco Lotteries in “2018 Year of Retail” Maltco Lotteries collaborates with GRTU, LRU, and Band Club Associations on a €400,000 POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme

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Maltco Lotteries Ltd. dedicates the year 2018 to Retail. To this effect the Company launches a €400,000 POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme, in collaboration with the GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU), Lotto Receivers Union (LRU) and the Malta Band Clubs Association, addressing all Agents.
The POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme aims to upgrade the image of Maltco Lotteries Points of Sale network, operated by self-employed Agents under an Agency Agreement with the Company.

All Maltco Lotteries Agents will be able to participate in a POS upgrade process in which, Maltco Lotteries provides specific design guidance and financial support of up to 50% of the expenditure incurred by an agent, offering up to a €1,000 to every agent who invests in his/her Maltco Lotteries Point of Sale up to the same amount.
The Scheme will run from next week, whilst all Maltco Lotteries’ Agents will be able to submit their applications of interest. Maltco Lotteries Agents will participate on a first come first served basis from the date that their applications will be submitted to Maltco Lotteries offices in Iklin.

All entities involved, maintain that the Maltco Lotteries POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme will provide a state-of-the-art entertainment environment for the player, a harmonised image across all Maltco Lotteries Points of Sale in the market, thus providing top notch service to all players.

Intralot Group Retail Director, Mr George Vassilaras pointed that digitisation is increasingly penetrating every aspect of modern shopping. Gaming, however, continues to be a very interpersonal experience and that is why Maltco Lotteries is delighted to assist the Agents in their effort, to considerably improve the point of sale ambience and the subsequent experience of our players.
GRTU’s President, Mr Paul Abela commented that it is of great satisfaction for GRTU to be part of this collaboration and that he believes that this will be a very positive joint investment initiative. Consumer expectations have changed over the years and the retail sector needs to constantly upgrade to meet these demands in order to remain successful.

LRU’s President, Mr Alfred Muscat expressed the LRU’s appreciation for the tangible cooperation shown by Maltco Lotteries in helping the Lotto Agents to refurbish their point of sale.
Whilst Dr Noel Camilleri, President of the Malta Band Club Association also stated that “the POS Maintenance Support Scheme will assist our member’s Band Clubs to upgrade their Maltco Points of Sale and to provide to the agent and members an environment and service which meets today’s exigencies. Such a scheme creates a win-win situation to all parties involved including our Member’s Band clubs, and I am sure that this will be received very positively.”

Maltco’s CEO Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, remarked that it is our aim to provide a contemporary image throughout Malta and Gozo’s biggest retail network and offer to our Maltese players the environment they deserve. It is in the best interest of both the Agents and the players that Maltco Lotteries has come up with such a Financial Support Scheme that should match today’s Maltese high retail environment standards.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries’ world-class partnership with Sweden’s ATG remains exclusive for Malta

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Maltco Lotteries and the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board (ATG) have broadened their exclusive partnership signing an agreement in London during ICE Totally Gaming 2018, which ensures that Maltco Lotteries has sole access to top ATG competitions and races for Maltese betting enthusiasts via their U*BET Horse Racing platform. The extended cooperation agreement enables Maltco Lotteries to satisfy players’ interest in ATG events following the single largest purse won by a Maltco player in Malta, a sum in excess of €2.1M on the last day of 2017 played on the V75 jackpot organised by ATG.

ATG’s objective since 1974 has been to create funding for trotting and thoroughbred racing established by the Swedish state, with the aim of guaranteeing long-term financial stability for trotting and thoroughbred racing. Through this partnership Malta has received major interest from Swedish horse-racing breeders, trainers and professionals resulting in a boost to Malta’s racing stock from Sweden as well as the input of professional trainers into the local market.

ATG’s success on the betting market together with partners including Maltco Lotteries, have made a major contribution to the health of horse racing sports. ATG and Maltco Lotteries partnership is the marriage of two leading gaming companies with a strong focus on a meaningful leisure activity by using top-quality trotting and thoroughbred racing as the partnership’s foundation, applying an innovative and responsible approach to make betting on horse-racing exciting, entertaining and accessible.

The partnership between the two companies started with V Bets in November 2007, which were followed by the Single Leg races within the next year.  This, enhanced Maltco offerings of live sports-betting as well as an expanded games portfolio populated by tens of thousands of players requires best-of-breed international content and live feeds that can be enjoyed by all Maltese enthusiasts in all 230 Maltco agents. The refreshed ATG agreement is an important element in Maltco’s sports-betting offering, regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Maltco Lotteries’ CEO; Vasileios Kasiotakis said, “Maltco is delighted to continue offering, exclusively ATG’s combination of live sport and live gaming.  Especially since the U*BET Horse Racing V BETS which allows the player to predict the winning horses in a number of races seem to become more and more popular amongst the Maltese players.“

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries presents a €10,000 donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

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Thursday, 25th January 2018 – Maltco Lotteries, presented Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca,  President of Malta with a cheque of €10,000 in support of the President’s Solidarity Fun Run 2017 in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

During this meeting, Maltco’s CEO Vasileios Kasiotakis presented Her Excellency with the Company’s latest CSR Publication 2016/2017; highlighting the main Corporate Social Responsibility activities held by Maltco Lotteries in their four main CSR sectors; Responsible Gaming, Charity, Sports and Retail/Customer.

Maltco Lotteries also presented the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation with a separate sum of €9,550 on behalf of all the Fun Run participants who made their donation at the Maltco Points of Sale around Malta.  This was only possible thanks to the cooperation and support of all the Maltco Agents, Assistants and Personnel.

The President’s Solidarity Fun Run brings together the whole nation in an effort to help those in need and also promotes the importance of an active healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity.  The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation provides financial, material and professional support to people experiencing difficulties because of severe chronic illness, such as cancer.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries announces winners of the Maltco Innovation Contest 2017!

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Maltco Lotteries presented the top prize of €5,000 to Mr Clayton Brincat who submitted the top winning idea in the Maltco Innovation Contest 2017.  All entries were overseen by a Public Notary to ensure transparency in the result including the winner of the best idea and each submission were evaluated based on the completeness of the proposal, originality and innovation, feasibility and relevance to Maltco Lotteries’ mission and values.  The prizes were presented by Maltco Lotteries CEO Vasilis Kasiotakis during the Agents’ Christmas Party last December, for which all the agents and personnel were present.

During the months of September and October Maltco Lotteries announced and invited all its employees and agents to participate in the Maltco Innovation Contest 2017. The aim of the contest was to foster innovation whilst giving participants the opportunity to contribute ideas for new game concepts for Maltco Lotteries’ land-based retail network. Operations Director Mr George Kakouras, explained that the “Maltco Innovation Contest 2017” had been a great success, with one outstanding entry and three additional excellent ideas to connect and enhance customer experience and add value to the overall effort made by Maltco Lotteries in the market.

This contest was a continuation of build on previous collaboration with Maltco retail partners in many other areas including Responsible Gaming, Customer Service, ICT and local community support and other CSR activities. Maltco Lotteries has taken concrete steps towards further recognising the valuable role its retail network makes in having deep dialogue with customers and in converting that dialogue into the game development process.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Record Breaking €2 Million won in Maltco U*BET Horse Racing!

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Sunday, 31st December 2017– During the last few hours of 2017 one lucky punter will be ending this year and starting the New Year with a big bang and more than 2Million euros in his pocket.

The winning ticket was played on the V75 jackpot organised by ATG, the ticket was bought from a Maltco Lotteries point of sale in St. Julian’s.

Top winning ticket is of €2,111,973, additionally three other winning tickets above €8,500 each were also won.

First comments from the St. Julian’s agent were that he was very happy for the luck of his punter, he also said that U*BET Horseracing betting has become more popular amongst U*BET players leaving lots of satisfied winners.

U*BET offers betting on British, Irish, South African as well as Swedish Horse Racing.

Specifically Swedish Horse Racing is offered by ATG in the Swedish, Maltese market and beyond. By forming part of this growing ATG network, U*BET horse racing customers in Malta participate in a pool worth millions of Euro! When there are Jackpots, the pool increases even more!

U*BET ATG Horse Racing has something for everyone every single day of the week; from horse racing experts to people who don’t have the time or expertise to sort through the information available, as well as everyone else in between. When playing V BETS, the player has to predict the winning horses in a number of races, from four races in the V4 bet to seven races in the V75 bet. Moreover, due to an innovative feature of the game called Harry Boy playing V Bets is accessible to everyone, even those who aren’t familiar with horse racings.

Maltco Lotteries augurs the punter of this record breaking Horse Racing winning over €2Million and takes this opportunity to wish all its players the best throughout the coming year.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries upgrade their U*BET Sports Betting Division with the launch of U*BET Fixed Odds Racing

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017, Malta – Maltco Lotteries, has further upgraded their U*BET Sports Betting Division through the introduction of an innovative new platform, U*BET Fixed Odds Racing. In this area, Maltco Lotteries targets technology innovations that result in strengthening of its retail distribution channel of over 230 partners and agents for accepting bets and stakes.

U*BET Fixed Odds Racing is a series of exciting fixed odds betting games on International Racing events at 86 racecourses spread throughout Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland with competitive fixed odds for both flat racing and jumps racing. Players can place a bet on U*BET Fixed Odds Racing by filling in a coupon or verbally at any one of over 230 Maltco Lotteries points-of-sale.

Since the installation by Maltco Lotteries of a state-of-the-art live sports broadcast system, all horse races are transmitted live throughout the Maltco retail network and can be enjoyed in the comfort of a player’s favourite retail outlet. The minimum cost per ticket is €2.00 with players having the possibility to play combinations on the same race and bet type such as win, place, eachway, trio and other options, bet types that are familiar to those enjoying this form of sports entertainment.

Maltco Lotteries have also enhanced their digital assets significantly by launching a new fixed odds racing website section displaying the daily race-cards with real time odds. Additional added-value is present in the form of a convenient betting calculator, designed to facilitate play by assisting players in calculating their winnings. Past results are also available on the same site accessible at

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 2388 3000.

Maltco Lotteries supports “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign

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Maltco Lotteries has endorsed Green MT’s “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign. The environmental initiative is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction taking place across the EU Member States between 18th and 26th November 2017. The initiative aims to collect milk and juice cartons of any brand or size and divert them from landfilling.

The campaign aims to raise funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. Maltco Lotteries are Packaging Waste producer members of Green MT and as such a tandem was established in order to ascertain more public awareness of this campaign through visually screened adverts on the TVs of all Maltco’s retail outlets.

Green MT’s Chairman, Mr Paul Abela thanked Maltco Lotteries for providing the exposure which such a campaign needs to increase public outreach. In addition he stressed that Maltco Lotteries have shown through the years that they carry a Corporate Social Responsibility towards the public at large and supporting such environmental initiatives is without fail an added asset to the company. Mr Abela continued to state that the campaign is another in a series of campaigns that both Green MT and WEEE Malta, both GRTU subsidiaries, launch from time to time on behalf of their producer members who directly finance both Schemes. The public awareness campaigns are also part of the Scheme’s permits.

The public in general is encouraged to dispose of recycling Tetra cartons of Milk and Juices, at all the locations listed on the Green MT Limited Facebook Page.  All empty Tetra cartons collected at these named locations during the campaign, which runs up till the 26th December, will be exchanged for a monetary donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund. After the campaign, these should be disposed of in the recycling bags.

Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, Maltco Lotteries CEO outlined that Maltco Lotteries are already working hand in hand with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for this year’s President’s Fun Run and is now also supporting this environmental initiative by Green MT, stressing the importance of environmental awareness.

The campaign was launched on Monday 30th October by HE The President of Malta at San Anton Palace and is endorsed by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. A large number of Local Councils, Schools and catering establishments are already on board with the Scheme already reaching collections of 150 large grey or green bags filled with milk and carton juices daily.


Further information can be obtained by phoning Green MT on free phone 80074444, or on their Facebook Page; Green MT Limited.