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For the safety and well-being of all our players and the general public and in terms of the Legal Notice 76 of 2020 published on Tuesday 17th March 2020 regarding the closure of places open to public including ALL Retail Gaming Establishments, Maltco Lotteries Ltd. shall be suspending the operation of its points of sale with immediate effect which will remain closed as from today Wednesday 18th March 2020 and until a further communication will be issued.

Participation in Maltco Games

In view of this, the company is issuing a set of guidelines aimed at informing Maltco Lotteries players about their participation in active draws as approved by the Malta Gaming Authority. 

Lottery Draws: As a result, the Super 5 (Draw 819) which was scheduled for this evening, as well as Friday’s SUPERSTAR (Draw 77) and Saturday’s Lotto & Quaterno+ (Draw 820) will be suspended and postponed to a later date. However, purchased tickets for any of these draws, will remain valid for when these draws are resumed.

U*BET: Any bets placed for events happening after this date are still considered as valid. Bet settlement and payment of winnings will be possible once the operation is resumed. In case an event is cancelled or postponed, the existing refund rules will apply.

Other Games: Sale of all additional Maltco games including Quick Keno, Bingo75 and Scratchers will also be suspended and will resume once resuming the operation. 

Consecutive Draws: Consecutive Draw tickets will remain valid for the respective draw numbers as stated on the tickets and will be held once the operation is resumed.

Payment of Winnings

Payment of tickets shall be also suspended and will be made available again once the operation is resumed. As directed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the cashing period of 60 days for winning tickets will be extended to 90 days. Furthermore, the period for claiming winnings may be extended further if required, as circumstances develop. 

This communication will remain in force until further notice. Maltco Lotteries will be informing the general public in the event of any changes announced by the authorities.   

For more information you may email, visit the company’s website, social media pages or call Maltco’s Helpline on 23883333 which will remain open during the suspension period.


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Maltco Lotteries POS334 in Santa Venera has sold the SUPERSTAR second jackpot winning ticket participating in Friday 22nd February’s draw.

The lucky player matched the first five numbers 8 – 12 – 23 – 6 – 17 to win the second jackpot prize of €88,593.94.  The SUPERSTAR number for this draw was number 1. In total there were 499 winners in the seven winning categories of last Friday’s draw.

The winner who visited Maltco Lotteries’ head offices earlier this week to claim his prize said that he is a regular SUPERSTAR player and has been playing the game every week. Originally, the numbers played were picked up through the quick pick option but then he continued to play the same combination of numbers week after week through the ticket repeat feature.  The winner said that he made the jaw dropping discovery by checking the SUPERSTAR results on Maltco’s mobile friendly website but then had to watch the draw on demand before he could believe his eyes.

SUPERSTAR is an exciting lottery game featuring a double matrix format and offers a total of seven winning categories including two incremental jackpots. At present the first category jackpot is at €360,000. The draw is held every Friday at 7.45pm and is transmitted live on TVM.

Players aged eighteen years and over can participate in this lottery game by visiting one of the 220 Maltco Points of Sale across Malta & Gozo and choose their preferred numbers from a field between 1-35 and their SUPERSTAR numbers between 1-7. A quick pick option is also available.

The game offers great possibilities of winning with an overall probability of winning in any of the seven winning categories being at 1 in 32 tickets.  64,590 players won with SUPERSTAR since the first draw held in October of 2018.

For more information you may email, visit the company’s website, social media pages or call Maltco’s Helpline on 23883000.

Maltco Lotteries congratulates all the winners whilst wishing all players a life full of responsible and exciting SUPERSTAR moments.


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Maltco is pleased to present its 31st edition of the quarterly e-Newsletter. Learn more about Maltco’s recertification in ISO/IEC27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems and WLA Security Control Standards:2016.

Have a look at Maltco’s exceptional year with some great photos and updates from the major activities held during the last quarter of 2019. 


One lucky player strikes the €400,000 Lotto Quaterno Plus Jackpot

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Tuesday 3rd December 2019 – Christmas came early this year for one lucky Maltco Lotteries player who has matched five out of the eight drawn numbers in the 19th November LOTTO QUATERNO PLUS draw, hitting the first category Jackpot.

The player who had purchased the winning ticket from Mosta on Wednesday 20th November, has selected his own numbers. However, unlike several regular players who are accustomed to play the same numbers on a weekly basis, the jackpot winner claimed to prefer changing his set of numbers every now and then. He made the jaw dropping discovery whilst watching Saturday’s news bulletin on TVM.

“I was watching the news and saw the Lotto result appearing on screen. Initially, I thought that the numbers drawn looked familiar but did not realise to have won the Jackpot. I had to check the ticket a few times before I could believe that I had actually matched the five numbers!”

The player who claimed his prize from Maltco Lotteries offices during last week, took home €400,000.

LOTTO QUATERNO PLUS is a widely popular weekly draw-based lottery game offering copious attractive prizes including a first category progressive jackpot starting at €250,000.

The game is played with a field of numbers from 1 to 90 and is drawn in conjunction with Saturday’s Lotto. This was the third time that the first category LOTTO QUATERNO PLUS jackpot has been won during 2019. This category has been guessed on another two different occasions during the month of May, with the winners claiming a jackpot of €820,000 and €250,000 respectively.

Maltco Lotteries has a dedicated page to LOTTO QUATERNO PLUS on the Maltco website showcasing everything players need to know about how the game is played and the amazing prizes they could win. Apart from promoting the game’s features, this section includes the past draw statistics, a combinations calculator and a random number generator which can be used to generate a lucky quick pick.

A fantastic jackpot of €260,000 could be won in this Saturday’s 7th December draw at 7.45pm. The lucky numbers will be drawn live on TVM. For further information email, visit the Maltco website, the company’s official Social Media pages or call 23883000.

The Christmas Grand Lottery edition is on!

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The Christmas Grand Lottery returns, offering fresh incentives, whilst assuring a guaranteed Jackpot winner. For this Special Christmas edition, Players will get the chance of winning prizes from 6 different categories with the top Prize carrying an attractive jackpot of €50,000 or more in cash! 

Tickets for the Christmas Grand Lottery edition are available as from today, Friday 1st November from all Maltco Points of Sale across Malta & Gozo. 

Similar to all other Maltco games, The Christmas Grand Lottery has been approved by the Malta Gaming Authority and comes in a Quick Pick Raffle format thus making it very easy to play. The Grand Lottery is a periodical lottery type, with the next draw to be announced by Maltco Lotteries in the coming months.

The Christmas Grand Lottery draw presentation will be broadcasted live on Malta’s National Television Station (TVM) on Friday 20th December at 19:42 together with the SUPERSTAR draw.

Lucky SUPERSTAR player claims Malta’s biggest lottery Jackpot prize!

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The SUPERSTAR jackpot was won for the first time on Friday 27th September after one lucky SUPERSTAR player played a Quick Pick ticket and matched all the 5 numbers and SUPERSTAR number with the numbers drawn. This is also the largest Maltco lottery jackpot ever won! The winning ticket with numbers 28, 14, 23, 08, 30 – 6 was purchased from POS 182 in Swieqi.  

A spokesperson for the company said that the winner, a regular Maltco Lotteries player was stunned when realising that the ticket in hand was the actual winning ticket. The player never imagined winning such a fantastic amount of money. In most instances, Quick Pick tickets are the preferred choice of play for the winning player however when important occasions are approaching, such as anniversaries and birthdays, the specific numbers to commemorate these special occasions are the player’s preferred choice.

SUPERSTAR is a relatively new lottery game featuring a double matrix form and offers a total of 7 winning categories. More than 50,000 players won with SUPERSTAR since the first draw held in October of last year. 3 of these winners won with the second prize category after guessing 5 numbers and won the fantastic prizes of; €10,261, €151,743 and €50,373 respectively.

Maltco Lotteries added that the company is proud that SUPERSTAR, the lottery game that was designed on the general public’s feedback has gained so much popularity in a short span of time. The company congratulates the winner whilst wishing all players’ a life full of responsible and exciting SUPERSTAR moments.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.

Maltco Lotteries publishes its CSR Publication 2018/19.

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Friday, 4th October 2019 – Maltco Lotteries publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility Publication covering July 2018 to June 2019, which highlights actions taken regarding the company’s four key pillars: Responsible Gaming, Sports, Charity and Retail.

The Publication gives a detailed insight on the CSR initiatives undertaken by the company during the aforementioned period. This includes; the company’s efforts towards promoting and applying the Responsible Gaming principles in favour of the player, sponsorships to support local sport athletes and events as well as the contributions made to local charities. Retail initiatives and agents’ continuous training are also part of Maltco Lotteries’ main annual focus.

A copy of this publication can be obtained from the company’s official website under the Corporate section.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.

Maltco supports European Week of Sport for the fifth consecutive year

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For the fifth consecutive year, Maltco Lotteries will be supporting SportMalta and will be once again participating in the European Week of Sport. The aim behind the European Week of Sport is that of promoting participation in sport and physical activity whilst raising awareness on the benefits of being active and participating in some sort of physical activity.

For the 5th edition of the European Week of Sport, Maltco will be donating 5 Indoor Rowing Machines to SportMalta. Following the European Week of Sport, the machines will be utilised by SportMalta and thus the general public will benefit from this donation.

Apart from this generous donation, Maltco Lotteries will be also partnering up with SportMalta and will be once again organising the Maltco Indoor Rowing Challenge. This event will be one of the main activities of the #BeActive night organised at Kirkop Sports Complex on Saturday 28th September. 

The Maltco Indoor Rowing Challenge is open for everyone. There are different categories based on age and gender. Individuals placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their category will be awarded a medal during the medal presentation held during the same event. The challenge is free of charge and will be held between 19:00hrs and 21:00 hrs. Anyone interested in taking part must fill in and submit the form to SportMalta before or on the day of the event.

People attending the #BeActive night, have also the opportunity to participate in different sports such as: badminton, teqball, pickleball, table soccer, table tennis and subbuteo. Fitness classes and a weightlifting competition will be also organised. The #BeActive night will finish with a Zumba party which will be held from 23:00hrs to midnight.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.

Maltco Lotteries presents financial support to this year’s SportMalta Awards Winners

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Maltco Lotteries presented financial support to the SportMalta Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali winners. These athletes have been awarded with their respective title back in February for their 2018 achievements during the SportMalta Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali event which was organised by SportMalta together with the Malta Sports Journalists Association.

Maltco Lotteries have been supporting this event for the past years. “Apart from being one of the main sponsors of the yearly SportMalta Awards event, Maltco also provides the winners with a financial support as an encouragement and incentive to pursue further in their sports career” affirmed Maltco Lotteries CEO, Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis.

The President of the Malta Sports Journalists Association, Mr Sandro Micallef thanked Maltco Lotteries for their continuous support not only towards the SportMalta Awards Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali but also for their ongoing and unparalleled support for the developing of Sport in Malta. Mr Micallef remarked that preparations for the 2020 edition of the SportMalta Awards are already underway with a special edition that will coincide also with the 60th anniversary since the first edition of the Sportiv tas-Sena which was organised way back in 1960 and also the 50th Anniversary since the foundation of the Għaqda Kittieba Sports back in 1970.

The following are the winners who benefitted from Maltco Lotteries’ financial support:

Brian Galea: Sportsman of the Year – Shooting

Eleanor Bezzina: Sportswoman of the Year – Target Shooting

Kijan Sultana: Male Youth of the Year – Squash

Sara Xuereb: Female Youth of the Year – Tenpin Bowling

Karl Izzo: Coach of the Year – Waterpolo

Anna Calleja: Official of the Year – Special Olympics

Men’s Basketball National Team: Team of the Year

Maltco Lotteries congratulates all the winners for their hard work and dedication and encourages more athletes to invest in their sports career.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.

Maltco Lotteries organises Blood Donation Initiative.

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Earlier this afternoon Maltco Lotteries organised a Blood Donation event for its employees. This initiative was organised as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility calendar of events.

A good number of Maltco Lotteries employees teamed up and visited the National Blood Transfusion Unit in Pieta to participate in this noble initiative. Maltco truly believes in the giving back to the society principle. Thus, the company has always been on the forefront to help and contribute to the local community.

“Being a company that has at heart the wellbeing of the community, we make sure that the company embarks on initiatives throughout the year to support the Maltese society in various ways. For this reason Maltco is proud to have once again organised this life saving initiative.” said Vasileios Kasiotakis, Maltco Lotteries’ CEO. Mr. Kasiotakis also thanked the employees for their contribution.

Maltco encourages all its employees, Agents and players to regularly donate blood. Anyone interested in donating may contact the National Blood Transfusion Unit on 22066201.

For further information email, visit the Maltco website or call 23883000.