The selection of all full-time employees is based on their skill, academic qualifications, experience, and their ability to fit in a dynamic team that constantly strives to ensure a smooth operation.


The company engages over 200 self-employed agents to operate Malta’s biggest retail network of Points of Sale.

In both the company’s and the player’s best interests, all Agents and Assistants are given regular training on game products, customer service and Responsible Gaming.


Every effort, skill and measure is aimed at the focal point of our operation – The Player. It is our goal to provide the end-user a wide array of entertaining games whilst ensuring a responsible gaming environment.


I have been with the company for 12 years. What I find satisfying is the fact that I am a part of its growing success.

At Maltco, work is not just a way to make ends meet. We are a dynamic team that is always seeking new ways of how to keep improving what is already very good!

We are in the entertainment business. We are there to make people happy; to satisfy. There’s a sense of pride and belonging to what we do. Through team-building exercises and other initiatives, we, as employees, feel valued and this keeps us motivated.


The work load has increased to a point where we open even on Sundays so that players who wish to play on U*BET LIVE matches and other games are provided with the service they require.

With today’s cutting edge technology and intensive and effective regular training our work has become easier and much safer, leaving no room for error.

Through my shop I have made some real good friends and seen the happiest smiles. Something that fascinates me is how meaningful numbers can be to some people; some have been playing the same numbers for years, even going down from one generation to the next – always playing the same numbers.


I have made a circle of friends who understand my same excitement when my team wins. I look forward to my weekly appointment with them and now with U*BET Live we can change our bet even after the match starts and this gives us a better chance at guessing the final score.

I’ve been going to the same agent for over 10 years now as he’s just round the corner from where I live. Every Sunday we spend hours watching games, teasing one another- as we happen to support rival football teams - and sometimes we even take our discussions to a more personal level. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Maltco is the oldest gaming company in Malta, and to my knowledge, there were never any instances or cases where their transparency and reliability was questioned – I trust Maltco.