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For the safety and well-being of all our players and the general public and in terms of the Legal Notice 76 of 2020 published on Tuesday 17th March 2020 regarding the closure of places open to public including ALL Retail Gaming Establishments, Maltco Lotteries Ltd. shall be suspending the operation of its points of sale with immediate effect which will remain closed as from today Wednesday 18th March 2020 and until a further communication will be issued.

Participation in Maltco Games

In view of this, the company is issuing a set of guidelines aimed at informing Maltco Lotteries players about their participation in active draws as approved by the Malta Gaming Authority. 

Lottery Draws: As a result, the Super 5 (Draw 819) which was scheduled for this evening, as well as Friday’s SUPERSTAR (Draw 77) and Saturday’s Lotto & Quaterno+ (Draw 820) will be suspended and postponed to a later date. However, purchased tickets for any of these draws, will remain valid for when these draws are resumed.

U*BET: Any bets placed for events happening after this date are still considered as valid. Bet settlement and payment of winnings will be possible once the operation is resumed. In case an event is cancelled or postponed, the existing refund rules will apply.

Other Games: Sale of all additional Maltco games including Quick Keno, Bingo75 and Scratchers will also be suspended and will resume once resuming the operation. 

Consecutive Draws: Consecutive Draw tickets will remain valid for the respective draw numbers as stated on the tickets and will be held once the operation is resumed.

Payment of Winnings

Payment of tickets shall be also suspended and will be made available again once the operation is resumed. As directed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the cashing period of 60 days for winning tickets will be extended to 90 days. Furthermore, the period for claiming winnings may be extended further if required, as circumstances develop. 

This communication will remain in force until further notice. Maltco Lotteries will be informing the general public in the event of any changes announced by the authorities.   

For more information you may email info@maltco.net, visit the company’s website, social media pages or call Maltco’s Helpline on 23883333 which will remain open during the suspension period.