Maltco Lotteries in “2018 Year of Retail” Maltco Lotteries collaborates with GRTU, LRU, and Band Club Associations on a €400,000 POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme

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Maltco Lotteries Ltd. dedicates the year 2018 to Retail. To this effect the Company launches a €400,000 POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme, in collaboration with the GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU), Lotto Receivers Union (LRU) and the Malta Band Clubs Association, addressing all Agents.
The POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme aims to upgrade the image of Maltco Lotteries Points of Sale network, operated by self-employed Agents under an Agency Agreement with the Company.

All Maltco Lotteries Agents will be able to participate in a POS upgrade process in which, Maltco Lotteries provides specific design guidance and financial support of up to 50% of the expenditure incurred by an agent, offering up to a €1,000 to every agent who invests in his/her Maltco Lotteries Point of Sale up to the same amount.
The Scheme will run from next week, whilst all Maltco Lotteries’ Agents will be able to submit their applications of interest. Maltco Lotteries Agents will participate on a first come first served basis from the date that their applications will be submitted to Maltco Lotteries offices in Iklin.

All entities involved, maintain that the Maltco Lotteries POS Maintenance Financial Support Scheme will provide a state-of-the-art entertainment environment for the player, a harmonised image across all Maltco Lotteries Points of Sale in the market, thus providing top notch service to all players.

Intralot Group Retail Director, Mr George Vassilaras pointed that digitisation is increasingly penetrating every aspect of modern shopping. Gaming, however, continues to be a very interpersonal experience and that is why Maltco Lotteries is delighted to assist the Agents in their effort, to considerably improve the point of sale ambience and the subsequent experience of our players.
GRTU’s President, Mr Paul Abela commented that it is of great satisfaction for GRTU to be part of this collaboration and that he believes that this will be a very positive joint investment initiative. Consumer expectations have changed over the years and the retail sector needs to constantly upgrade to meet these demands in order to remain successful.

LRU’s President, Mr Alfred Muscat expressed the LRU’s appreciation for the tangible cooperation shown by Maltco Lotteries in helping the Lotto Agents to refurbish their point of sale.
Whilst Dr Noel Camilleri, President of the Malta Band Club Association also stated that “the POS Maintenance Support Scheme will assist our member’s Band Clubs to upgrade their Maltco Points of Sale and to provide to the agent and members an environment and service which meets today’s exigencies. Such a scheme creates a win-win situation to all parties involved including our Member’s Band clubs, and I am sure that this will be received very positively.”

Maltco’s CEO Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, remarked that it is our aim to provide a contemporary image throughout Malta and Gozo’s biggest retail network and offer to our Maltese players the environment they deserve. It is in the best interest of both the Agents and the players that Maltco Lotteries has come up with such a Financial Support Scheme that should match today’s Maltese high retail environment standards.

For further information email info@maltco.net, visit the Maltco website www.maltco.com.mt or call 2388 3000.