Maltco Lotteries supports “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign

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Maltco Lotteries has endorsed Green MT’s “Tetra ghall-Istrina” Campaign. The environmental initiative is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction taking place across the EU Member States between 18th and 26th November 2017. The initiative aims to collect milk and juice cartons of any brand or size and divert them from landfilling.

The campaign aims to raise funds for The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. Maltco Lotteries are Packaging Waste producer members of Green MT and as such a tandem was established in order to ascertain more public awareness of this campaign through visually screened adverts on the TVs of all Maltco’s retail outlets.

Green MT’s Chairman, Mr Paul Abela thanked Maltco Lotteries for providing the exposure which such a campaign needs to increase public outreach. In addition he stressed that Maltco Lotteries have shown through the years that they carry a Corporate Social Responsibility towards the public at large and supporting such environmental initiatives is without fail an added asset to the company. Mr Abela continued to state that the campaign is another in a series of campaigns that both Green MT and WEEE Malta, both GRTU subsidiaries, launch from time to time on behalf of their producer members who directly finance both Schemes. The public awareness campaigns are also part of the Scheme’s permits.

The public in general is encouraged to dispose of recycling Tetra cartons of Milk and Juices, at all the locations listed on the Green MT Limited Facebook Page.  All empty Tetra cartons collected at these named locations during the campaign, which runs up till the 26th December, will be exchanged for a monetary donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund. After the campaign, these should be disposed of in the recycling bags.

Mr Vasileios Kasiotakis, Maltco Lotteries CEO outlined that Maltco Lotteries are already working hand in hand with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for this year’s President’s Fun Run and is now also supporting this environmental initiative by Green MT, stressing the importance of environmental awareness.

The campaign was launched on Monday 30th October by HE The President of Malta at San Anton Palace and is endorsed by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. A large number of Local Councils, Schools and catering establishments are already on board with the Scheme already reaching collections of 150 large grey or green bags filled with milk and carton juices daily.


Further information can be obtained by phoning Green MT on free phone 80074444, or on their Facebook Page; Green MT Limited.

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